About Stanel Biz Limited

Established in the year 2011, and registered with South Africa. We are an energy company that specializes in the marketing and distribution of Oil and Gas end products amongst others for domestic and industrial use. Our high quality oil is shuttled Internationally of all Scales and other corporate establishments.

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What we do

Oil and Gas

Being one of the ways we generate income, we have built this platform to make it easy for investors to diversify and invest their capital into Oil and Gas Sector. This has been a proven way that works and we have experts who ensure that your capital is insured.

Modern Agriculture

We have a diversified portfolio and a major player in Agric Sector. We process foods and we have thousands of assets internationally under our management

Events Management

We have a diversified portfolio and a major player in Events Management. We believe in "everyone deserves a good event" and we have thousands of assets internationally under our managemen

Our Mission

We exist to provide world- class services in the area of our core competences that leave our clients happy and thoroughly satisfied.

Our Plan

Our plan is to make use of the modern day technologies to make investment an easy ride for people all over the world

Our Vision

To become the leading Oil and Gas company, providing world class investment opportunities that meet our clients needs at all times.

Why choose us

There is a way we stand out among other companies

We're Registered

We are Regsitered, Certified and incoporated in South Africa.

We're Secure

Transactions on this platform are powered by blockchain technology.

We're Global

We are a known Brand in South Africa and our platform is open for investors with interest all over the world

Investment Plans

We created an investment system that will help you plan for the future

Basic Plan

  • Minimum - $100
  • Maximum - $5,000
  • Profit - 1.5% daily
  • Duration - 8 days

Proficient Plan

  • Minimum - $5,100
  • Maximum - $50,000
  • Profit - 5% daily
  • Duration - 10 days

Premium Plan

  • Minimum - $50,100
  • Maximum - Unlimited
  • Profit - 7.5% daily
  • Duration - 14 days


You can earn referral commissions (5% commission) when you refer people to our company and they invest in a plan of their choice

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